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Boost GH by 16X – for real (and the catch to this approach)

Sounds crazy, right? The crazy land of da internetZ sayZ “yeah bro, a biohacker told me so it must be right!” cough cough. In this case, the biohackers got one right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. It turns out that heat from a sauna does increase growth hormone (GH)… by a metric piss...
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about 6 hours ago • 2 min read

Homeostasis Part II

Earlier today, I talked about the intrinsic process of homeostasis - the ability of your body to hold a specific parameter of physiology within a tight range - despite being exposed to a wide variety of stimuli. The example I used was core body temperature staying very close to 97.7F even when...
about 15 hours ago • 1 min read


I'm back again yammering about how to employ a flexible approach to be a more robust human who can train harder and recover faster, all while enhancing your health. The key linchpin concept for the next level is based on the idea of "adaptive homeostasis." Whoa! Those are some uber-nerdy terms...
1 day ago • 2 min read

this goes poof at midnight PST

Just a quick reminder that the 1-hour private consulting call with me goes away in a few hours. In addition to all the geeky goodness in the Phys Flex Cert, you get me for a full hour all to yourself to answer all of your questions. Yep, a private 1-hour Zoom call that I routinely charge $250...
1 day ago • 1 min read

Physiologic Flexibility is too advanced…

When you hear about programming for homeostatic regulators, you may be thinking it’s a little too fancy for you or your current clients… I totally get it. Conceptualizing pH levels, blood glucose, and temperature variations are not easy concepts to wrap your neurons around for sure. You don’t...
1 day ago • 2 min read

Why MORE Stress Can Be Good

Sounds counterintuitive at first blush. More stress? Screw you, nerd. My life is full of stress, so why do I want more of it? The key is the type of stress. I agree that you don’t need more yelling from your boss at work or via Zoom as you sit there in your tie and underwear. However, if you...
2 days ago • 3 min read

Just give me 2 minutes

If you didn’t catch my earlier email, take a quick second to pause your day to read this one because it’ll only take 2 minutes, and it could be the one thing that changes the way you train your clients for life. The Phys Flex Cert is officially OPEN for enrollment now. When you enroll by tonight...
2 days ago • 2 min read

Metabolic Flexibility vs Physiologic Flexibility

A good question came up: Yo Doc, what is the difference between metabolic flexibility as you teach in the Flex Diet Cert vs Physiologic Flexibility here? Thanks " - Dan Physiologic flexibility is a term I coined to reflect the thought process on how you can build more flexible humans...
3 days ago • 2 min read

Phys Flex Cert is OPEN

As promised, the Phys Flex Cert is open now for a limited time.​ The link above has all the details for you. And when you sign up by this Tues night at midnight PST, you get an exclusive bonus item for f.ree just by being a bad ass rapid action taker. In fact, when you...
3 days ago • 1 min read

Weekly Wrap Up Sept. 17, 2023

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is a good one. As a heads up, the Phys Flex Cert opens up tomorrow (Monday), so look for the email once it's open. I am super stoked to see you in the course. Here's what went down this past week. Newsletters: My #1 Secret to Using HRV to Get Strong(er): I...
4 days ago • 1 min read
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