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Hola from Minnesota where it has been beautiful outside, and my back is at about 90%. I was able to hop on the Concept2 rower 3 days in a row!


In my email yesterday, I walked out on the wobbly branch of limited research in regard to the use of senolytics – compounds that may clean up dysfunctional cells.

As I stated in the newsletter yesterday, all the basics (like nutrition, sleep and exercise) are the first step, as they appear to have senolytic qualities by themselves.

For example, here is a review that discusses the potential ability of exercise to be a senolytic (1).

No pill or potion will ever replace all of the benefits of exercise!

And to address another important point, the data currently on the use of senolytics is still very much in its infancy.

We have lots of mechanistic data in small rodents and cells, but not as much in humans.

One of the main ingredients in Senolytic from Nuerohacker is a compound called fisetin.

Fiestin is a yellow pigment found in plants. It's found in strawberries, apples, persimmon, grapes, onions, and cucumbers for example.

The rodent and cell data on fiestin is quite robust; but as you know- since you are a smart cookie reading this newsletter – that does not mean it will translate to humans.

Right now there are only 4 randomized controlled trials (aka RCTs- the studies that nerds get all excited about) in very different disease (2-5). The data from them is quite mixed.

There are 5 human clinical trials underway using fiestin – generally in older adults and even as a potential therapy for COVID (6-10). Hopefully in the near future we will have more data from them.

In the meantime, we know that the safety data is good and if you want to hedge your bets in the longevity space – after you are crushing the basics- adding a supplement like Senolytic is one method.

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Much love,

Dr Mike

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