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The Bleeding edge

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Poke around the ole interwebZ, and you will find no shortage of hacks and easy ways to avoid the basics.

Newsflash Brosky – you can’t escape the basics. They're the foundations for better body comp, performance, and health.

If you have the aerobic capacity of a propanol-ed possum, get thee to the rower or bike ASAP.

Nothing will replace picking up stuff in the gym and setting it down, making sure your nutrition is not the “see-food” diet of the hoover upright to suck in whatever is in front of you, in addition to sawing logs at night.

However, once you are crushing those with violent consistency, what next?

Normally this is where (in my biased opinion) the more esoteric supplements fall.

The basic food-based ones like fish oil, protein, multi-vite, and creatine are a no-brainer. After that, it gets much more nuanced, and what you take should be related to your goals.

The pro of supplements is that it doesn't take a lot of action on your part to take them. Just take this pill, capsule, or powder. Boom!

The downside of supplements is that many are overhyped and aren't based on any data.

How do you evaluate new supplements?

For me, I look at the risk/reward spectrum, and hedge against any downside.

If there's not much of a downside (e.g. appears to be safe), then I can test it out for myself to see if there is a benefit.

If the downside is horrible- as in the case with compounds like 2 4-dinitrophenol (aka DNP) that can result in death – stay the F away from them.

This is the lens through which I view new supplements, especially when there is not much human data.

Along those lines, the nerds at Neurohacker have a new supplement that is a senolytic.


The word “senolytic” is derived from the Latin words senex (=old) and lytic (=destroying).

A senolytic is a substance designed to destroy senescent cells, making “room” in tissues for more youthful cells—promoting whole-body rejuvenation.

All the cells in your body are constantly turning over. In theory, senolytic agents help clear out the ones that are no longer doing their jobs well – like an employee that keeps bringing donuts to Planet Fitness – they should be fired, but instead, they keep showing up with said donuts thus screwing up any progress.

Neurohacker has a new senolytic product that you take only 2 days, back to back, once a month.

The idea is that it will help clear out the bad employee cells.

>> Neurohacker Senolytic <<

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A few notes:

1) As I stated above, if you're not hammering the basics into oblivion, do not start here. Side note “oblivion” is also an amazing song by Mastodon!

2) Yes, I am an affiliate for them, so I do make some coin if you opt to purchase. Use the link above and the code “DRMIKE” at check out to save an extra 15%. Note- that code will work on anything from their site.

3) I’ve tested this out myself and found that even on a very low-calorie day, my HRV and metrics the next day were quite good. I trained for 2 hours the day before also. All the caveats around n=1 testing apply here of course

In conclusion, If you are looking to test out some bleeding-edge items, give this a go.

The safety data is good and ease of use is high as you only take it 2 days back to back once a month.

>> Neurohacker Senolytic <<

Coupon Code: DRMIKE (provides an extra 15% off any order, including subscriptions!!)

Any questions, hit me up!

Much love,

Dr Mike


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