Sounds counterintuitive at first blush.

More stress? Screw you, nerd. My life is full of stress, so why do I want more of it?

The key is the type of stress.

I agree that you don’t need more yelling from your boss at work or via Zoom as you sit there in your tie and underwear.

However, if you apply the right type and duration (dose) of stress, it's profoundly beneficial for your health, performance and even body comp...

…and no, you don’t need to spend $10K on the latest biohack that you wear around your neck to change your electrical oura.

When you expose your body to a mild stressor, it kicks off a whole host of processes that make you better at that stressor the next time you encounter it.

In the research, the fancy pants term is called preconditioning.

For example, doing higher-intensity cardiovascular training is a form of cardiac preconditioning (1-6).

Your heart tissue is deprived….just a bit….of oxygen and the fuels that it needs due to the very high rate of work (exercise) being down. The work rate here of my M3 online clients is typically even higher as they're actively cursing my name while breathing hard on the Concept 2 rower.

Your body is a brilliantly designed system. It gets prepared for the next time this happens by getting a bit better at that stressor.

These changes include activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 and Nrf2 transcription factors, synthesis of antioxidant and ATP-generating enzymes, and a shift in microglia from pro- to anti-inflammatory phenotypes, to name a few (6).

Without the mechanistic ease, this is the concept of antifragility – a bit of stress not only makes you more resilient, but you are actually better able to handle that stressor.

Here is a graph:

In summary, mild stress just within your current capacity (eustress) = happy cells that live when they encounter intense stress.

No previous stress (no preconditioning) = dead or damaged cells when they encounter intense stress.

Want to prepare for upcoming intense stress?

Do a bit of preconditioning now to target the 4 homeostatic regulators, so you're more robust and antifragile when the time comes.

…because it will come.

Life has ups and downs for everyone.

Will you be ready?

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