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Several people have asked if I have a payment plan and I have decided to add one.

You can enroll in the Flex Diet Cert Level 1 for only $99.

Yep, this is a complete know-brainer!

After your first payment of $99, you will have access to the entire Flex Diet Cert material.

You will have 5 more payments over the next 5 months at $99 per month.

This allows you put the material into practice and have it pay for itself in record time.

>> Flex Diet Cert << payment plan

Here is what Ryan had to say about it:

“The Flex Diet Certification has provided me with a system that allows clients to choose actionable items that are realistic and easy to incorporate based upon their individual behavior and lifestyle.

Completing the Flex Diet Certification has been some of the best money I’ve spent on continuing education as a personal trainer.

Many other nutritional certifications miss the boat and only teach theoretical knowledge, whereas the Flex Diet Certification hits a home run and provides you with actionable information to use on a daily basis.

The Flex Diet Certification covers a wide range of topics including NEAT, exercise, and sleep, and Dr. Mike T Nelson does a great job of breaking down the science, while throwing in some humorous jokes and stories to keep you entertained.

I highly recommend this certification to anyone who is looking to grow their knowledge to improve their business and the lives of their clients.”

- Ryan Nosak, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

RyNo Strength LLC

Thanks Ryan!

Any questions, hit reply here,

Dr Mike

PS- the payment link is correct. You get one client a month at $100 and you have already broke even financially on your investment! Plus you get to use all the information in the Flex Diet Cert system for years to come. Total “know-brainer”

>> Flex Diet Cert << payment plan


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