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Meet Chad Kirkham. He’s the Owner/head trainer at Onyx Tactical Performance in Ontario, Canada and a Flex Diet Certified Coach. Chad and his team specialize in performance development for military and first responders primarily online.

“I love fitness and nutrition because of its transformative ability to bring us towards the extremes of our performance capabilities. Not just the physical characteristics that make us strong or resilient, but also the longevity, happiness, and mental increases it also provides.

I had never even heard of metabolic flexibility before participating in this course. But since learning about it has become a driving factor in the direction of coaching I use for most of my clients. It's helped me refine my coaching system creating fuel selection structures specific to the task at hand.

The Flex Diet Certification Course has allowed my clients to increase performance during training, but also maximize their aesthetics and food source selection.

This knowledge has really helped refine the direction and structure of how and when I eat. Since educating and implementing the science behind met flex on myself I have lost body fat, gained strength, and really helped prioritize the tools I use for coaching fitness and nutrition

Met flex-the basis for the FDC- is a phenomenal system that allows for systematic development towards healthier living.

For myself it allows me to look and perform the way my clients expect of me, as well as help with some of my long term goals within the military.

My favourite thing about this course is the principle of coaching leverage. I gave me a quantifiable structure of what to focus on first with clients and how to integrate progression into that system.”

Huge thanks to Chad for completing the course and putting it into action!

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Met Flex for the win!

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