Weekly Wrap Up May 28, 2023

published4 months ago
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What a crazy busy week here now that we are back home and getting in the groove big time.

Here is what went down this week.


  • Is exercise only enough?: Exercise is a great start, but in my biased yet accurate opinion, no, it is not enough.
  • Trauma: A new documentary “Dark Night of Our Soul” explores the evolutionary purpose of trauma & the possibilities of Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). Find out more.
  • Grapefruit LMNT is back now: Yes, the rumors are true - grapefruit LMNT is back, but only for a limited time.
  • HRV: I was recently on Barbell Shrugged to chat about HRV, sleep, and using the Oura ring. Check it out.
  • See you at NEC?: I'm sending up a heads up that I'll present at the Northeast Coaches Summit this Fall.



  • ISSN Meeting June 15-17. I'll be doing a talk titled “Primer on Psychedelics as a "New" Therapy - Are Psychedelic Supplements Next?”

Gym Tune of the Week: Gym Tune: In Flames “Meet Your Maker

The first time I saw In Flames was 1997 at the Milwaukee Metal Fest - which is going on this weekend again actually. They had just released “The Jester’s Race” the year before and it was my first time seeing them live.

Wow - they were amazing! I was right up front on the left hand of the stage next to my buddy “The Rev” (aka Rev David J Ciancio). Fast forward over a decade and half later and In Flames are still putting out crushing new tunes like this one. Horns up!

Rock on,
Dr Mike


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