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Reflexive Performance Reset, Research, and Results

published3 months ago
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On today's Flex Diet Podcast, I'm talking to Warren Bartlett all about Reflexive Performance Reset, aka RPR. We discuss his new research and how to use RPR to feel better, prevent injury, and improve performance.

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Episode Notes

  • Intro to Warren
  • How Warren describes RPR
  • Warren’s experience with RPR and Achilles tendinitis
  • Design and results of Warren’s study
  • Importance of doing RPR correctly
  • Belly breathing - is it the best way?
  • Warren’s takeaway from his study
  • Addressing the skeptics
  • Are there negative side effects?
  • Limitations of RPR
  • How would Warren suggest an athlete warm-up?
  • What’s next for Warren?
  • Find Warren IG: @warren_workouts

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