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Nasal breathe bro!

published3 months ago
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It appears that nasal breathing is all the rage now according to the IG wizards.

Should you do nasal breathing all the time?


Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of nasal breathing; however, it depends on the context.

Are you doing a low to moderate intensity or an all out light your nutsack on fire max session on the rower?

Those are worlds apart.

Nasal breathing is one of the main topics in my recent podcast with Dean Guedo and Jeb Stuart Johnston on the Compound Performance Radio podcast.

We chat all about nasal breathing, thermal regulation, ice baths, and other performance "biohacks."

We also kicked off the podcast with the top tips on how to not die in Costa Rica - or spend an extra 9 days in CR via a positive C-vid test. I may or may not know anything about those topics- hahaha.

> > Nasal breathe bro? << podcast

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