Earlier today, I talked about the intrinsic process of homeostasis - the ability of your body to hold a specific parameter of physiology within a tight range - despite being exposed to a wide variety of stimuli.

The example I used was core body temperature staying very close to 97.7F even when subjected to cold-ass water of 42F or high temperatures in a sauna.

I mentioned that other people "out there" are not training these systems to their full extent; hence, they are getting worse.

Remember, physiology is not static. If you aren't actively training a system, you're losing those adaptations over time.

Right now, very few train the ability to endure changes in temperature.

They wander from one AC place to their AC car to the AC mall (ok, maybe the drive-through local food place). Even the gym has AC.

Make no mistake, I'm not a technology hater, and this is not a paleo pitch to go back a few thousand years and sleep on a sheepskin bed with a rock as a pillow.

However, there's a cost to losing the ability to adapt.

The next level of homeostasis is "adaptive homeostasis."

"...adaptive homeostasis allows young and healthy individuals to rapidly and transiently modify their defenses and repair systems to cope with internal and external stressors."

In English, the better these systems, the more adaptable/flexible/robust/badass human you are.

When you target adaptive homeostasis systems, you get a lot of bang for your investment.

Lots of leverage.

More leverage = more results with less time.

The concept of adaptive homeostasis is the cornerstone of the Phys Flex Cert. It's rarely discussed, but it ties together all the new “sexy” recovery work under one concept, from breathing techniques to intervals to cold water immersion to sauna and more.

When you master this idea, you then have the applied knowledge to know where to apply the best restoration technique vs. just guessing.


Much love,
Dr Mike

PS – The pre-recorded “Ask Me Anything” calls are yours at no charge when you enroll in the Phys Flex Cert before midnight PST tonight. Once you enroll, Jodie will check your time stamp, and if it's before the deadline, she will add them to your online learning environment.



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