I'm back again yammering about how to employ a flexible approach to be a more robust human who can train harder and recover faster, all while enhancing your health.

The key linchpin concept for the next level is based on the idea of "adaptive homeostasis."

Whoa! Those are some uber-nerdy terms back-to-back.


"..the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes."

Ok, so that may not have helped you. Let me try again:

Homeostasis is your body's ability to hold a parameter fixed, despite other stressors.

For example, your average body temp is 98.6F (ok, it's actually around 97.7F. I didn't trust that stat either and pulled up the research on it for the Phys Flex Cert).

The key point is that your body must hold within a few degrees of that temperature. Otherwise, you are dead....

...dead, dead, dead.

However, you can do like your fav nerd here and convert a perfectly good 15.6 square foot chest freezer into a cold water immersion tank and sit in 42F water for 3-5 minutes at a time without shivering.

This is a very attainable "feat" that, with training, you can also do.

Despite the cold, your core body temp isn't anywhere near a critical level where it becomes dangerous as my body has mechanisms to keep my core temperature quite stable.

Note: as much as I love Joe Rogan, I don't recommend doing 20 minutes near 35F temperature like he did.

You can go the other direction and hang out in a sauna at high temperatures without a big change in core body temperature.

Heck, the Finnish people go buck neeeekid, then jump in a cold lake afterward. Jodie and I experienced that first-hand when we went to Finland to compete in the Bone Hill grip contest in 2019.

Think of a barbell with hot on one end of the spectrum and cold on the other.

The intrinsic process of homeostasis allows your body to be exposed to colder and hotter temperatures and still be okay.

In truth, your body gets a bit better from this controlled exposure via eustress.

Just like training your biceps with curls results in stronger biceps and, over time, more muscle (positive adaptations).

You can train these "homeostatic regulators" to reach the next level of fitness and robustness, and improve your health to boot.

Stay tuned for more data on what happens to the normal window lickers at Planet Fitness who do not employ these methods.

(Hint) They are going backward.

Homeostasis for the win!

Much love,
Dr Mike

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