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All about pain - and what to do

publishedabout 2 months ago
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The pain train rolls on for a bit more as I have Dr. Katie Dabrowski, head physical therapist at Old Bull Athletics on the podcast.

We discuss all things related to movement and pain and what you can do to help if you're dealing with an injury.

This was fun as we got to record it live in person while we were both at the ISSN conference the other weekend.

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Episode Notes

  • Intro to Dr. Katie Dabrowski
  • Low back pain research
  • What framework does she recommend for someone who hurt their back on a deadlift
  • Healing from injury
  • How much compensation is allowed post injury?
  • Getting comfortable exploring with movements
  • Are there patterns when getting better?
  • How often do you find the painful spot isn’t the source of the problem?
  • What she uses in her evaluation of a patients?
  • Find Katie on IG
  • Old Bull Athletics

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