#1 Ab Exercise NOT To Do (and what to do instead)

published12 months ago
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Walk past the donut table at any Planet Fitness and you'll see a number of poor schmos lying on the floor engaged in some sort of exercise that vaguely resembles a sit-up.

While the sit-up (or crunch) isn't the worst exercise in the world, it isn't the best either. There are plenty of far better ways to train your core without getting eye-level with the hairballs collecting dust on the gym floor.

This is why I was stoked when the editors at Muscle & Fitness Magazine asked me to replace one over-rated ab exercise with a more effective alternative.

Plus, I was humbled to have my comments (and video) included among the likes of some amazing personal trainers like Andrew Coates, Merrick Lincoln, Chris Cooper, Bo Babenk, and Allan Bacon.

>> Check it out! << scroll to the bottom

Rock on and get a stronger core!

Dr Mike

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